Boy Meets Wine and Wild Predator… Runs from Both

A little less than a year ago, the terms “wino” or “wine snob” would not have been even remotely used when describing  my preferences in drinks.  “Occasional sipper” would have been a stretch.  From my experience, wine was best enjoyed straight from the bottle if it tasted like juice and had a fun cartoony label.  

As it happens to anyone with a story worth telling, I had a revelation.  This stemmed from a new relationship with a certain southern belle.   I had met Katy during a training event we both attended in DC, and as fate would have it, our chance encounter started with a bottle of wine.  However, this is not a typical story of taking a fancy to another person, dressing up nice, and discussing your history over a delightful red.  This is more like the story of being in an elevator at the hotel with a drink that suited my refined taste; silver, blue and red, and conveniently carried in six-packs.   In this same elevator was a woman much closer to my mother’s age that inquired to where I was going with these drinks and if she could meet me there.  She left the elevator and I continued up to meet my co-workers, including Katy. 

Shortly after, the “cougar” showed back up and talked with me like we were old pals.  Katy had thought to herself (and informed me later) that she assumed that me and this lady went way back, and then noted the look of horror on my face when I was asked to get a bottle of wine that was “red, not expensive but not too cheap, and semi-sweet”.  What?  Surely I’m not the only one who has been in this situation only to appear at the store’s great wall of wine scared and intimidated.  Katy to the rescue.  

Long story short, after a quick trip to the grocery store and agreeing that a bottle of Ménage à Trois would work (this was not intentional nor suggestive as I am always asked at this point of this story), we arrived back on the rooftop only to find the cougar had moved on to a new prey. 

That particular bottle went on to be a tip to the maid in my room as I was told she enjoyed red wine.  I hope it found her well.  I was far from developing a taste for the enchanting elixir, and as fate would have it once again, the love for wine would bud and mature alongside this new relationship.


2 thoughts on “Boy Meets Wine and Wild Predator… Runs from Both

  1. Super FIS

    Your description of good wine that “tasted like juice and had a fun cartoony label” and a certain Anheuser-Busch product that comes in a can by far makes up for your faux pas of including an LOTR quote in your first entry. I look forward to reading more of Dale’s tales.

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