Better Late than Never

…… We’re back! After countless (read: 2 or 3) inquiries on whether or not the blog was DOA, it is time to dust off the keyboard and do some finger stretches because much has transpired since late June and there are stories that need tellin’.  I would like to blame the delay on a myriad of excuses, but it’s far easier to just paraphrase my favorite Istar: writing for the sheer fun of it without deadlines leads to posts that are neither early nor late, but show up precisely when they meant to.

I would like to kick things off with a marginally exciting announcement: Dale Hollow now has a Facebook page!  This will primarily be used as an outlet for showing new blog posts, making announcements in real time, and whatever else we feel is exciting about grape growing, wine making, and food eating.  Plus, it will finally eliminate my face from showing up with new blog posts on people’s timeline who aren’t necessarily a fan of reading about wine or drinking it (if they exist).  Because of this, if you would like to keep with all things related to Dale Hollow, please get out there and “like” the page.

As you can see, the triumphant return to the realm of writing about our business has only covered the writings and social media stuff, without any sign of information actually related to grape growing or wine making… This can best be explained with a simple illustration:

snail funny

It’s difficult to make wine when there is red colored tape stuck to everything… BUT.. Today we have some BIG news to share that will hopefully change this situation soon:

fed permit

Our winery application has been approved by the feds! We are only a few licenses (yes, plural) from the state away from making some wine.

Here at Dale Hollow our wine glass is always half-full and we are quick to pour in more if it starts to appear otherwise.  What we lack in experience and resources we more than make up for in perpetual optimism and improvisation!


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