The Next Chapter

The astute readers in the crowd may have noticed the final sentence of the previous post said that we never made it to that last stop.  You see, there comes a time when you are passionate about something that you have to make really tough decisions and sacrifice things like security and convenience for doing what you love and being where you want to be. It’s like one of my all-time favorites, drummer/singer/songwriter/guitarist/director Dave Grohl once said:

“It’s YOUR VOICE. Cherish it. Respect it. Nurture it. Challenge it. Stretch it and scream until it’s gone. Because everyone is blessed with at least that, and who knows how long it will last…It’s there, if you want it. Now, more than ever, independence as a musician has been blessed by the advance of technology, making it easier for any inspired young musician to start their own band, write their own song, record their own record, book their own shows, write and publish their own fanzine (although now I believe you call it a “blog”?) . . . now more than ever, YOU can do this, it can be all yours. And left to your own devices, you can find YOUR VOICE.”

While he is speaking on musicians, I find the notion of finding your voice applicable in multiple facets of life.  For our family, we seem to have found it in this crazy world of growing grapes and making wine (and writing about it).  I like to think of this as our voice; our little stamp on the world.  We also have a certain passion for our faith, family, and small town living.  When you mix all this together and the right opportunity comes along, you come to the conclusion that it is time to take some risks and follow your dreams.

This young Dale family has made the move back to Stover to help The family being the dream to reality. A little scary? You betcha. Risks were never supposed to be a simple, sure thing… If they were they wouldn’t be called risks; they would be called things like “safe” and “easy”. You never hear the people that chase their dreams say it happened by waiting idly by. Of course, you also never hear about the people that decided to go for it and it didn’t work out, and we certainly hope this won’t be that kind of story.

We were never promised that our time on this earth would be relaxing. In fact, we were promised the exact opposite: toiling and striving under the sun while being thankful every day. Let me tell you firsthand that we are blessed and thankful for it. While it may not be everyone’s “slice of paradise”, we have been provided a home, a job, and a dream that just got a little closer as we attempt to take the idea from the waves of our imagination to the pages of our lives.

As it would happen, there have been massive inconsistencies with the blog. I hope (but will stop short of promising) that this will change once we are moved and things like traffic and stop lights are no longer part of our daily routine.

Of course, my time writing could also be replaced with time with the vines and making wine.  And for that, I won’t make any excuses.



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