Spring Forward

With the transition from winter to spring we find new hope as the earth is renewed through warmer weather and nourishing rain from the heavens. This serves as an annual reminder that the seasons on the calendar are a grand and symbolic parallel to the seasons of our lives as individuals.

It is no different in the vineyard, and just as in life, some seasons are more difficult than others. Winter 2013/14 was HARD; even by Missouri standards. It was not uncommon to see multiple days well below zero with a painful wind chill. For our young vineyard, planted just last year, we are seeing mixed results yet continually surprised by the resilience of grape vines.

The majority of our vines woke up and started showing bud swell early on. Click on the pic or squint really hard to see these little fuzzy buds just waiting to pop in late April:

bud1 bud2 bud4

Quickly followed by bud break in early May..

0164d058f087bf2ba81ef654d7ca3234ee35415d6f 019261cc988f7501525563c9a33c0367ad994aa4c9

Some of our vines on the west side of the vineyard are being a little more reluctant, as much as I try to coax them into doing something:


Apparently being slightly OCD is a positive in most realms of life but not grape farming. Shoot.

At least it was mid-May and our vineyard was pruned and mowed and the threat of frost was clearly a thing of the distant past… Right? …..Right?!

...hint: this is some nasty foreshadowing.


3 thoughts on “Spring Forward

  1. AP Club

    Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you. – Arnold Palmer

    By the way, I hope that is a PBR in your hand…

    1. It’s always nice to have a reminder of how Mr. Palmer would feel about all this. I’m glad to see the club getting involved in social media.

      PBR? We are classy around here and like to keep it Natural.

  2. AP Club

    There is nothing wrong with keeping it Natural. But you can’t argue with the Blue Ribbon winner in 1893 for the Top Beer Award at the World Fair.

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