Wine for Sale!

Wine is personal. If you like it, pair it with anything; enjoy it year-round; share it with friends.
We like to think of this as a motto of sorts for our budding venture of growing grapes and making wine. As we briefly hinted at in our last post, our very first batch of wine, a 2013 Vignoles, will be for sale soon. It is bottled and the labels are on; all we need now is to allow a little time for the wine to settle in its new 750ml home and achieve the appropriate balance.
So why all this time and effort for our first bottle to leave the winery? It’s simple: we are proud of it! Dale Hollow didn’t hit the ground running with a full portfolio of wines purchased from a different producer to sell out of a lavish building sporting our own labels. No, our way is the long way around, but my brother fancies himself as an artist, and myself- a traditionalist to the very core. What does this combination yield? Hopefully, creativity and passion that will show from the vineyard to the wine bottle.
vignolesfinished bottle
We hope this first release will be a taste of things to come. The picture above is a preview of one of our actual bottles with the label drawn by our mom and made into a digitalized reality by Katy. For a stroll down memory lane, you can revisit where exactly our name came from (click for link), which is a question we often get. We are just as proud of these labels as we are the contents!
If you would like to peruse some previous posts, you can see how this rookie vintage was sculpted, in a parallel fashion with our own grape growing and wine making journey to this point: pruning the Vignoles, maintaining the property, tying plants, harvesting, fermenting, aging, and finally, bottling. It’s a wonderful thing seeing all this come together in a bottle of wine and don’t be surprised if we go on and on when discussing our wines. As these posts make evident, it all represents a story to us, filled with all the imagination and adventure typical of our favorite tales.
Bringing this whole thing full circle to the first paragraph in this post: Wine is personal. You may love this first bottling and pair it with everything from white meat, to cheese, to cereal (we don’t judge when you enjoy wine). Or, you may prefer others. That’s the beauty of wine and the subjective nature of taste. Don’t let the wine critics get you down- their 96 point rated grand cru might make you question their sanity, and you may prefer a wine that the critics consider a topping best fit for ice cream. That’s the amazing nature of wine! So many options make it easier than ever to explore new territories and find your favorites. Our hope is that you drink ours with an open palate and mind and consider not only how it tastes, but the adventure that it made from the vineyard just south of Stover to the very bottle in your hand.
We have a few ideas to ensure that everyone interested gets a bottle, but for now, we plan on a very limited release (we fondly refer to it as “reserve”) that will be sold via email lists, social media, and word of mouth if you see us around town. As stated before, we are very early on in this process and are building up the old fashioned way- growing grapes, making wine, and have a whole lot of fun along the way.
We will be selling these bottles of 2013 Vignoles within the next few weeks at a 2-bottle maximum per person. If we still have wine left after the initial purchases, we will sell the remainder in whatever manner we can. This is the best way we can think of given the enormous support we have from family, friends, and the community.
We will be working on an “official” list, so in the mean time, feel free to email us at to get your name down early. We haven’t set it in stone yet, but the price range will be $13-$15 per bottle.
Thank you everyone for the continued support through following our story, asking us about progress, helping in the vineyard, and possibly most important to us; showing an incredible amount of excitement toward all of it.
IMG_1993 IMG_2671 IMG_2164 IMG_2744 IMG_2722 IMG_2456friendly IMG_3253 3c9f537c-a455-4d5e-ae2d-4f1e9c74d3b2 IMG_3051 IMG_3045
finished bottleIMG_1801

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