At Least Once Asked Questions (ALOAQs)

1) Is there any Vignoles left?

Nope! Not a single bottle. For this, we would like to thank everyone who purchased some! We hope you enjoyed it and appreciate all the enthusiasm for our first bottling.

2) When will there be more wine?

Soon! We are bottling our next release within the next week or so. It is deer season after all, and that tends to slow things down even more than usual. That being said, our next label is approved and the wine is ready to go, so it should be bottled just in time for the Christmas shopping season! (hint hint)

3) How do we get your wine?

Currently, the only way is to contact someone in our family (or email to inquire on availability and such. We are releasing wine in small batches at the moment because we are patiently waiting for things to happen that concern our prospective location and license. It’s a bit of a delicate balancing act and takes no small degree of patience, especially on our part.

4) Why aren’t you already a full-fledged winery with an extensive portfolio of wines? Seriously, we have been reading about this wine business for nearly two years and have only had Vignoles! What gives?

This is a great question and one that takes a bit of explaining. We pride ourselves in making our own wine because that is where we personally find the most satisfaction out of all this. Moreover, our preference is to do this entirely the old-fashioned way..starting in the vineyard. This approach takes, first and foremost, time. Our initial planting is only in its second year and in a best-case scenario the varietals we planted could yield a harvest for winemaking in the 3rd or 4th year. For those of you living in the Midwest last winter, you may recall that we didn’t get the best-case scenario. To bring this full circle, we are waiting on the grapes to grow and that is something that is well outside our power to control. In the meantime, we are busy making wine from the mature vineyard at Grey Bear and from other fruit we were able to procure during the spring and summer months. As frustrating as the waiting can be, I for one appreciate that this gives us the opportunity to try different things (and learn) about the fine art of making wine. It just so happens that unlike most of the storied world of winemaking, we don’t come from a long line of generational winemakers. At an unhurried, steady pace, we are learning firsthand all the work that goes on in the cellar- from fermenting to finishing to ageing. Releasing small batches when they are ready also gives us an idea of what people want and what we should do in the future.

5) Where is your winery?

Currently, we are a production-only winery without a tasting room. We are hoping this will change soon and have plans for a building much closer to town, on our vineyard, and with a small tasting room/retail space. Once again, this is something requiring patience because there is work the city needs to do with the sewer line and we realize those types of projects take time.

6) How is the vineyard?

You can expect many updates in the weeks to come regarding our progress in the vineyard throughout the past year. It turns out I had more time to write about this stuff when I wasn’t actually working on it on a nearly daily basis. By rule, I tend to stay inside when it’s below 40 degrees so I plan on getting back to writing and keeping everyone up-to-speed on what all we have done and what we have planned for next year in the vineyard. It just so happens to be one of my favorite parts about all this, because growing grapes and working outside amongst the world, the elements, the rain, the sun, and the inexplicable unpredictability of nature is the heart and soul of making wine.

7) If you are sophisticated (word and emphasis added) winemakers, how come there are so many pictures of you guys drinking Natty?

Simple- as a notable winemaker once said, “It takes a lot of good beer to make great wine”.


One thought on “At Least Once Asked Questions (ALOAQs)

  1. AP Club

    Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening – and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.

    – Arnold Palmer

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