9th Wonder of the World

The title may be a stretch but I believe that is what they call in the online writing biz as “article bait”, or something of that nature. You see, there were certain “wonders” of the ancient world that were so grand, so monumental, so awe-inspiring, that people would traverse countries or even continents to see the extent of what man could achieve. The Great Wall of China, the pyramids in Egypt, Gardens of Babylon, Stonehenge, and so on.
One of the most impressive aspects of these wonders is not only the element of grandeur but the sheer amazement that these could be constructed at points in history where technology, powered equipment, and all the earth-moving gadgetry we enjoy today were still centuries away from existence.
Let me introduce to you the 9th Wonder of the World: The Dale Hollow East Vineyard trellis. You may say that it is no where near the scale or impressiveness of the likes of pyramids and statues and such. You may also say that wonders of the world are scarce in this day in age where technology and fancy equipment can create all kinds of universe altering things, such as air-conditioned shoes and cascading nacho cheese fountains. And, you may be right, but you also probably haven’t spent a few blistery cold days cutting up telephone posts…
 “Stacking” them into an orderly, well organized pile..
Letting them sit for a few months while various creeping and crawling creatures make it their home, then pick them back up off the pile to drag them to the vast reaches of the vineyard…
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…And eventually lifting them one last time to their final resting place..
Of course, as with most vineyard related projects, we elect to do all of this in the most character-building way imaginable- without the aid of technology or “working” equipment. Good old-fashioned human ingenuity at its best. I realize these pictures make it look like I do a lot of pointing and watching while Asher and Spencer do most of the moving and lifting.. I can personally assure you that is merely camera-trickery and timing issues.
As with the other awe-inspiring wonders of the world, our quaint end posts have not shortage of character. Repurposed, reimagined, and totally worth it in the end.
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