Wine for Sale! (#2)

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Just in time for the Christmas season, we are thrilled to announce that our “Hiawatha Peach” wine is currently for sale! This is a sweet peach wine and from what we have gathered from a few “pre-release” tasters over Thanksgiving, is has been well-received and smells and tastes like a peach. Just what we were hoping for!

There has also been a great deal of curiosity over the name, especially to those who aren’t local to the greater Stover area. There is a certain stretch at the Lake of the Ozarks called Hiawatha Beach. Basically, it holds a certain place in the hearts of the entire Dale clan and many others around the community. While most of our wines (eventually) will simply be the name of the grape varietal used, we want to have a handful that reflect the history and culture of the area. The shores of Hiawatha are far from any ocean, but for many of us around here and a few other “hot spots”, they are the still the perfect getaway.

It worked well enough last time so we will be handling orders the same way as before: email us at or contact Asher or Jesse. It is $13 a bottle (including tax) and once again, this is a small batch and we will be limiting the orders to two bottles maximum per person. Whether it is given as a gift or kept to be served as a delightful pair with the Christmas roast beast, we hope it is enjoyed with plenty of good cheer this holiday season.





2 thoughts on “Wine for Sale! (#2)

  1. angie cushing

    Hi guys, you may remember me, I’m your Dad’s cousin Angie from Howells, Ne. I’d like to purchase some bottles of wine from you. Are you set up for shipping?

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