Wine for Sale! (#3)


This most recent release is a blend of two of natures most glorious fruits:blackberries and grapes! Being our first attempt at this blend, we made a small batch and this will be a “limited release” type of offering. Spoiler alert: we personally enjoyed it so much when it was finished that we have a much bigger batch in process at the moment that should be available this fall.

You will find it semi-sweet and the blackberry really stands out. It is an excellent summer wine and just in time for blackberry season! Speaking of which, we did use fresh blackberries from the summer of 2014 so you can expect to see traces of fresh fruit at the bottom of the bottle. This was by design, believe it or not. Fresh blackberries are an absolute pain from crushing to bottling, and filtering was out of the question. We hope you enjoy its authenticity.

We will sell this using the usual protocol- email us at and we will get you on the list ($12.12/bottle, $13.00 with tax). Remember: this is a limited release and the next batch of it won’t come around again until later on this year.

Based on the great things we heard about the Hiawatha Peach, it will also be making a comeback, with the next batch looking to be slightly less sweet. We love the feedback and that’s the great thing about these early small batches- they give us a chance to listen to our customers and make adjustments for the larger future batches.

Where will these larger batches be made and sold from in the future? This calls for another preview of things to come…


Much more news on this development coming soon!


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