Chapter 2

It’s possible that attentive readers have taken note that these whimsical narratives are strung along in a bit of a storybook manner, with no shortage of cheer, excitement, angst (all me), ups and downs:

Chapter 1- Crazy Idea Emerges, Site is Selected, Grapes are Planted, Wine is Made, Wine is Sold

There have been many subplots, twists, turns, location and job changes, and many many challenges along the way in this first chapter, but it’s been a glorious ride. Heck, the world has even been introduced to a new Kenneth Dale and a new Mrs.(Katy) Dale since this all started. But when it comes to our little venture, a few ideas can sum it up so far:

1) One does not simply plant grape seeds and come back in 3-4 years and find bottles on the vine

2) Weather and Pests can’t be controlled and God has a sense of humor

3) When it comes to a vineyard, fungi is not a fun guy

4) One does not simply mash up some grapes and come back in 6-8 months to find finished wine

If anyone had romanticized misconceptions about the items listed above, trust us when we say vineyarding and winemaking ain’t easy!

As proverbial journalist, scribe, and editor-in-chief of the official “storyboard”, I would like to think that the Dale family is moving into Chapter 2 of the Dale Hollow story. Asher mentioned on a social media announcement, with what amounted to about a shovel in the dirt, that we had officially broke ground. This raised some questions from his pals and other passerbyers… Broke ground on what? More vines? Buried a truck in the vineyard again? Technically, yes on the vines as 250 more Norton were planted this spring:IMG_0426

However, this was not the broken ground he was referring to (he doesn’t get overly excited about breaking ground to plant new vines). Here at Dale Hollow, on the very hill of the future West Vineyard, we will soon have a wine production facility! In honor of a certain film coming out this winter, I would be remiss if I didn’t exclaim at this moment, “That’s no hill, it’s a winery!”

Way Before:

South View and our quaint little pond
East View (with East vineyard on the far hill)

A little after Way Before:

IMG_0454 IMG_0457

Not as Long Ago:

01f5a43d953a2ce37f171673235eb11e9212b34590 01692fdb4f54b118c7fd7dfdab31f7fa727b9088c1



It’s a little too soon for an official “after” picture, but we are making tremendous progress. Included in this picture (and without his approved, authorized consent) is our master builder, Joey Heman of Heman Construction. Within the next few weeks it should be completed and you can bet we will be posting pictures!

We would like to take a moment to remind everyone that this will be, first and foremost, a wine production facility. Just a few years ago these were both fields, and even more recent than that this little building was just a bare spot on a hill. Please be patient with us as we get moved in and set up our processes. There will be a small area for “tasting” but we have no set date on when we will have regular hours. For the foreseeable future, we will continue to work on setting the place up for making wine, landscaping, and growing grapes. BUT… This is definite progress and we continue to dream big.

The great news is that once the license is moved, we will have a place to sell wine that is close to town and right at the vineyard. No more lists and creative ways to get the wine to the people. You can come to us!

And that makes for a couple of happy vintners.



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