It’s Back! Fall Wine Release

Welcome, Autumn! 

Fall is in the air; the pumpkins are plump, the mums are magical, and the apples are admirable. Here at Dale Hollow, we have always had a certain affinity for all the whimsies and wonder of this season; and especially, Halloween. Asher puts away his summertime sadness and I begin a strict dietary regiment of all things pumpkin spiced. Brothers Grimm- meet Brothers Dale.

In honor of this tradition, we strive for an annual release with a special label and quintessential fall flavor..This is Holloween! 

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This semi-sweet wine is made from 100% fall-friendly apples, boasts a label that would make Tim Burton proud, and can be enjoyed from a goblet, cauldron, or displayed as above nestled among your pumpkins and mums. Unlike a pumpkin, this wine will continue to transform in the bottle into a delightful treat well after October 31. The pumpkin will transform into a pile of gooey pumpkin.

The apple flavor is best picked up when the wine is chilled, but if you prefer even more apple flavor, it is wonderful when blended with apple juice or cider.

Come see us at the winery and enjoy some fall in a glass! 



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