2015 Christmas Freebies

It’s that time of the year again! And by that time, I’m referring to the most wonderful time of the year. The snow falls, the lights shimmer, and Crosby and Sinatra sooth you with their enchanting Christmas melodies as you roast chestnuts on an open fire. Glorious.

Many of you have hopes that Saint Nicholas will soon be here; some of you clicked this link in hopes of freebies in the form of wine and such, beings that this is the blog of a winery. However! This Christmas we have something just as exciting.. We are offering free wine…IDEAS!

We had provided a list in the past with wine gifts and gadgets that could be purchased for the connoisseur in your life. These lists come and go with the times, but I think what is needed this year is a list of unique, reused; no! Re-imagined purposes for the things we already have in our lives. In the spirit of Kenny Rogers, his awesomely fluffed hair, enchanting smile, and his homemade Kentucky Christmas;


we give you the 2015 Homemade Dale Hollow Christmas:

1) Used Bottle Decorations with lights


Bottles of wine can be emptied in the usual fashion, cleaned, etched with Christmassy words or symbols, filled with Christmas lights, and used to adorn any mantle or nook in your home. If you are more into the “emptying the bottle” aspect of this project, our cousin Stephanie of Etched Expressions can take care of the etching/lighting side of things.

2) Painted used bottle decorations


3) Cork Wreaths


Because nothing shows the neighbors how much you love Christmas and wine like a decoration that shows off exactly how much wine you drink. They should really only worry if a new and bigger decoration made of corks shows up every year.

4) Cork Ornaments

Ran out of doors for wreaths? Deciding to take a more concealed approach to your cork decorations? The perfect solution:

cork ornaments

5) Bottle Christmas Trees


Because all those cork decorations had come from somewhere!

6) Canning Jars

You are in a bind; Christmas is nearly here and you need to prepare for an upcoming dinner party and find presents. Great news: you can do both simultaneously. From the jars that you used to can the cranberry sauce and green beans you will be having for the dinner, you can clean them out, write “wine jar” on the lid (paint a little Christmas symbol on them if you have the time and inclination to get fancy), and presto- you have gifts. Canning jars are available in multiple sizes, and if you have leftover wine, they are one of the finest and most practical ways for the wine to stay fresh until the next time you want it. I get it, the natural tendency is to take the cork, shove it in the bottle as far as you possibly  can, and figure out a way to fit this tall bottle with a cork 1/3 of the way down the neck into the fridge. Take the extra minute of effort, put it into canning jar- less air space, they seal, and best of all, it’s not the most impossible game of Tetris ever conceived trying to cram it into the fridge. Oh, it also leads straight into the final gift idea…

7) Wine Jarglass


From all of us at Dale Hollow Winery- cheers to another Christmas season; we hope it is filled to the top with hope and joy.


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