Valentine’s Day Gift Packages!

Attention, all readers! It is approximately 20 days, 4 hours, 30 minutes until Valentine’s Day… If this is news to you, we here at Dale Hollow have put together something special and are here to help. We present, Dale Hollow Valentine’s Day gift packages!


These packages will include everything shown in the photo:

  1. One bottle of Dale Hollow wine (Hiawatha Peach as shown or Howl-a-Luna; your choice)
  2. One box (4 pieces) of homemade Merlot wine truffles. The official description, as I sample the first batch of these glorious bites of goodness is as follows: “velvety smooth dark chocolate truffles that burst with red wine flavor”
  3. One bar of homemade soap (your choice)
    1. White Truffle Raspberry
    2. Cashmere and Pear
    3. Sweet on Paris (sweet/fruity fragrance)

Everything your sweetheart could possibly want in one neatly configured package. Along with the wine that is always handcrafted at Dale Hollow, the chocolate truffles and soap are made by Katy Dale, master of all things crafty and nifty.

We are selling these baskets for $19.00 ($20.00 with tax) and will be able to fulfill orders up until the day before Valentine’s Day (that’s February 13th for you procrastinators in the crowd). A bottle of wine, melt-in-your-mouth Merlot chocolate truffles, and delightfully scented soaps are definitely the way to your Valentine’s heart. Remember the saying:

Flowers wilt away, wine brings cheer to the day.

A card is boring and sappy, chocolate is what makes her happy.

Please email Dale Hollow at to place your order or call or text 573.746.0648. We look forward to helping make your Valentine’s day extra special this year!

Also, you no doubt noticed in this post that the Hiawatha Peach is one of the options for the basket. It is back…and better than ever. The recipe was slightly tweaked from the first time around and this release is a touch less sweet but at least twice as “peachy”. At some point in the coming months, this will be available for retail purchase on its own, but for now the Valentine’s baskets will be way to get this as a “pre-release” of sorts.





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