Winery +Concrete Staining + Electric +Other Stuff

Here’s quick update on where we are at with the building progress, in reader-friendly and always easy to follow Roman numeral outlined fashion:

I. Concrete Staining- Not for the faint of heart

Step 1: Designate an area for concrete stain, scrub it squeaky clean with mop, soap, water, baking soda, and any other non-acidic cleaning substance until you nearly pass out. Allow to dry while sipping on any select Dale Hollow wine.013508163ddccfe0cae2a02ced27b1c261e765efa2

Step 2: Now that you are fully prepared to take on this task that appears really easy on a 2 minute 35 second video on YouTube, it is necessary to test the acid stain that you purchased in an obscure corner of the building. If it is like our experience, you will immediately notice a wet spot resembling water on concrete- nothing you were hoping for. If so, proceed with spraying this all over the surface in a nice haphazard circular motion; try to keep the concrete guessing. Unless you develop a better plan or have a sprayer that doesn’t drip incessantly, make sure and duct tape an old rag to the sprayer to put the nozzle in when you have to stop and pump the sprayer. Drips=bad. I would like to say this was my plan all along, but that would imply foresight and intricate planning.

But just before this, if you want an amazing design of some sort on said surface, have your incredibly artistic cousin who works magic on anything related to creative endeavors use double-sided vinyl tape with the design on the surface.


Step 3: Allow to dry and repeat. ALWAYS remember to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment . Side note: the gentleman applying the stain was smiling in this picture. Like Bane and Darth Vadar before him, it is easy to get a bad rap when wearing a mask. I’m sure they were both delightfully jovial fellas when they weren’t working.

Step 4 (optional, depending on Step 3 performance): Realize that although you were doing the circular motions like instructed, you were walking in the same direction every time, resulting in a undesired pattern. Repeat Step 3 but do circular motions and walk in a different direction.

Step 5: Peal off the tape from Step 2 and immediately call your cousin and tell her how awesome she is.

Step 6: Allow final coat of acid to dry and then scrub your heart out with a solution that neutralizes the acid (we used wallet-friendly baking soda and water mix). Basically, if you get this wrong and a bunch of acid is still lurking around in the concrete, your wondrous looking new floor will bubble over like the streets of NY in Ghostbusters 2.

Step 7: Apply at least two coats of some kind of sealant to protect your new masterpiece. We used Kemico (the same brand as the stain) which we found at Dugan’s. I used a paint roller for this step instead of the sprayer used for the stain, with positive results.


II. Electric Work

Just another service Dale Hollow Winery + Concrete Staining + Electric + Other Stuff will soon be offering:

(No inexperienced laborers were hurt during this electric/drilling on a ladder selfie)

III. Other Stuff

When completed, patrons to the retail space of Dale Hollow Winery will notice the use of reclaimed barn tin. If only the word “reclaim” was as nice as it sounds. On the contrary, it involves hours upon hours of pulling nails and cutting tin and severing a friendship and being disowned by your father.. Just kidding! Deep down, in many years in the future, my dad and Ryan Pryor will look back on this moment and cherish that day:


So, there you have it! Progress. We are finishing out the building project as time allows, which is at a premium when there are families and full-time jobs involved. BUT! It is coming together and we are getting excited. Work in the vineyard will be picking up soon but that won’t slow down work in the building.

Cheers to Fat Tuesday! May your shrimp be plump and your Champagne be extra sparkling.


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