Vineyard are Better in Twos

Vineyards are better in twos,

Twice the grapes means twice the views.


One by the winery, the other in view over yonder,

Twice the work we shall also ponder.

Holes to be dug in the west and also to mow,

It pays to have good friends, you know.

Maybe not what they thought when asked to come over,

“To a winery with haste…and please bring your mower”.

Not quite big enough to hold a shovel,

He would rather just ride double.

Pruning the elder vineyard to the east is a must,

With blooms on the vine it’s cut or bust!

Loads of cuttings that look like sticks,

Paints a vivid picture of John 15:6.

At the end of the day, the month, the year,

It’s worth it to our family: to cherish, be fulfilled, and hold dear.


3 thoughts on “Vineyard are Better in Twos

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