Stover Fair Wine Tasting

Attention all Missourians, Morgan Countians, Stoverites, and all you other “ans” and “ites” out there. The annual Stover World’s Fair is upon us! Big news for everyone, indeed, but especially for Dale Hollow as we will be featured in the wine tasting this year! It may be warm outside, but tasting will take place in the shade with chilled wine and cool music.

We will be offering tastings as well as bottles for sale of a few favorites- Hiawatha Peach and Blackberry Patch, along with a BRAND NEW wine. We will keep it as a surprise for attendees, but it has been one of our personal favorites.

All three of these wines started production in March of 2015, slow fermented nice and cool for about a month, bulk aged delicately in barrels for a little over a year, bottled aged for 3-4 months and is now ready for your enjoyment! Here’s a pictorial timeline for those of you who prefer it to these pesky words:

  1. Fruit, in this case grapes, peach, and blackberry, make their first step in the journey toward wine as yeast is added to the juice and the magic of fermentation begins.


2) Fermentation begins and ends as alcohol is produced and these three wines hangs out in barrels for a year. During this time, the alcohol mellows and the acid and sugar slow dance their way to drinkability. Then.. We re-rack the wine a few times, filter, bottle, cork, label, and foil. All by hand with a smile on our face! (Sarcasm intended)

So I may have skipped a few steps in the process and oversimplified it a bit, but the important thing to know is that we put a lot of energy and passion into hand crafting this wine and we are proud of it! We hope you will come try some at the Stover Fair wine tasting. Here are the details:

When: Saturday, June 18, 5:00pm-7:00pm

Where: Stover Park East Shelter House (commonly referred to as the Beer Garden)

For those of you directionally challenged, our art department has put together a detailed map of how to find the wine tasting, along with some other key points of interest for the Stover Fair:


Come one, come all! As always, the Fair Board has put together a wonderful venue for each day of the fair, June 16-18. They work tirelessly at this every year and it just keeps on improving.

Hope to see you there!









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