October 2016: Open

Mark your calendars! Dale Hollow Winery will be open for multiple “soft opening” hours during the following days and times in the coming weeks:

October 6-8

October 13-15

October 21-22

November 3-5

November 10-12

Hours will be 2:00pm-7:00pm on Thursdays and Fridays and 1:00pm-7:00pm on Saturdays. You need that extra hour on a glorious fall Saturday to take it all in!

The building is finished and we have wine on the shelves ready to be enjoyed! During these soft openings, you will be able to taste and purchase wine, see the facility, and hear ALL about our plans for the future. 

Address: 314 E 1st St, Stover, Mo 65078

From 135 South, head east on 1st Street. After about 1/4 mile (just over the hill), turn right (before the road turns to gravel) on the second driveway (Buckbrush Ln is the wrong one, it’s the next one on the right). 

Dates and times are subject to change, but you can consider these pretty concrete as we spend most of our free time in the vineyards or at the winery anyways. There’s no place we’d rather be! Any unforeseen changes to the schedule will be announced and made known well in advance of the change.

Needless to say, we are more than a little bit excited about this! It has been a journey and I think it is a wonderful opportunity to look back at how we got to this point. If you aren’t familiar with our story, here’s a quick outline from previous posts that best summarize the journey:

First post (Fall 2012) when the idea was dreamed up: “Bud Break”

Origin of Dale Hollow Name: “What’s in a Name?”

Origin Story Part 2: “Grafting Ideas”

Origin Story Part 3: “Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow”

Spring 2013 – Planting of our first (EAST) vineyard: “Planting Rain or Shine” and “1000 Planted

Spring 2016 – Planting of our second (WEST) vineyard: “Vineyards are Better in Twos

2013-2014 Summary: “State of the Hollow 2014”

2014-2015: “State of the Hollow 2015”

2016: “Progress Update 2016”

Selection of our grapevines: “Small Plants, Big Decisions”, Vignoles”, “Baco Noir”, “Norton” (we do have other varietals planted now, just a little behind on writing up the profiles)

Initial Construction of the Building: “Chapter 2”

Finishing out the Winery Building: “Greggdalf and Dumbledad”

If you meander through the posts, organized on the left side of the website by category and by month/year, you can pretty easily catch up with the entire story. By “pretty easily”, I should add that it could require a pot of coffee and a few hours of free time. We have lots of friends and brevity isn’t one of them.

We won’t be adding any posts or pictures of the finished building for a few months, because after all this writing and picture taking, we are ready for you all to see it IN PERSON! It’s been a long time coming, and we are ready to share our passion with all of you!

Here’s a quick pictorial recap of the journey for those of you who’d rather skip out on all that reading business:




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