Directions to Dale Hollow Winery 

Here are detailed directions (including handy custom street view pictures) on how to find Dale Hollow Winery in Stover:

Address: 314 E 1st St, Stover, Mo 65078

From Hwy 52, head south on Hwy 135 and turn left on 1st St and head east for approximately 1/4-1/2 mile. Follow the red line on this picture: 

You will come over a hill and see blacktop turning to gravel. BEFORE the road turns to gravel, turn right on the second driveway as shown in this picture. You will see our lovely “Open” flag flowing in the breeze: 

You will be greeted by this handsome lad hanging out in his little fall scene at the top of the driveway: 

Simply follow this short path to the wine building, park on the gravel on the backside of the building or in the grass beside the driveway. Just don’t park in the vines! They love visitors but they prefer the pedestrian kind, not the kind on four wheels. 

Speaking of four wheels- on a final logistical note, please keep in mind that 1st street runs through a residential portion of Stover, and while it’s less than a half mile to the winery, there is a possibility of kiddos playing and pedestrians strolling. Please, please, drive slow both to and from the winery. Everything about growing grapes and making wine is about patience, taking things slowly, smelling the roses, and enjoying our wonderful surroundings. Let this apply to your driving too! 

As a reminder, here is a link to our upcoming “soft opening” events in the coming weeks- Schedule and Hours 

We hope to see you all soon!


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