Into the Winery

We have had quite a few visitors at the winery in the past two weeks and it has been just splendid. For those of you (tens of tens) that are loyal readers to the blog but can’t make it physically to the winery as of yet, it is a disservice to leave you on the outside looking in.

It is time to take the bold online virtual steps through the door and into the winery. 

Upon entering the winery, you will be welcomed with a cheerful smile, a greeting, and this scene:

You have no doubt heard the awkward question,”mom or dad, where do bars come from”? The short answer is alcohol, but it takes a lot more work and creativity from there, as we learned. 

Aye, with a vague description of what we were looking for, something along the lines of “make it whimsical and old-worldly looking. Something you would picture in a brilliant work of fiction and adventure”, Gregg was able to piece together a masterpiece. It takes a construction fellow that speaks our language instead of things like “specs” and “measurements”. 

Next, you will notice our hanging door with witty wine wisdom whatnots. Legend has it, this old door came out of one of the older homes in Stover. If I had to guess, it probably was taken from one of the royal houses after the great tornado that partially destroyed Old Stover. 

Wha-la. A little chalkboard paint and this beloved and mostly famous old door is now repurposed.

Of course, a winery needs to have a place to store wine. The shelves are dual purposes- separating the production area from the retail space and also looking snazzy for wine storage:

There you have it. A virtual nickel tour. Until we can do wine tastings over the Internet though, you will need to come to the winery in Stover for the full experience. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

It’s also been far too long since we quoted Tolkien, and as you go out the door it seems a fortuitous opportune to sneak one in:


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