December Winery Schedule

First off, thank you to everyone who came and visited the winery during our soft openings over the last month or so. We appreciated all the feedback and most importantly, were thrilled to finally be able to share our love of wine! As you learned if you visited, there’s much more to come in the way of new wines and other developments at the winery. Again, thank you all for the support! 

Now, onto the future. Now that the winery is all decorated for the season, and we have a few Christmas parties on the schedule, we have decided we may as well be open a few more weekends in 2016! So, deck them halls, prepare to be holly jolly, and mark your calendars for the upcoming dates and times:

December 2 and 3: 2:00pm-7:00pm

December 9 and 10: 2:00pm-7:00pm

Please note that December 3rd is a super busy Christmassy day in the town of Stover. There is a cookie bazaar at St Paul Lutheran, crafts at the community building, the famous Christmas parade at 1:00pm downtown, Lions chili/soup, music at Christ Lutheran, and various open houses. However, at the conclusion of the parade and after you are thoroughly nourished with Christmas cheer, keep the merriment going by snuggling up with some wine at Dale Hollow. Sounds like a lovely day! 

Along with the current inventory and new seasonal favorite (Santagria), we will have new non-wine items just in time for the season.. Dale Hollow shirts! Available will be the familiar green version you see the crew wearing along with a stylish new purple version that is new to all of us:

We look forward to seeing everyone the first two weekends of December as we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. 



2 thoughts on “December Winery Schedule

  1. Angie

    I’m still wondering, for those of us who are further away, when are you going to make these items, as well as the wines, available for shipping? I would place an order today if I could. Sincerely Your cousin, Angie Cushing

    1. Hey Angie! Nice to hear from our Nebraska family. In order to ship to other states, we have to obtain approval from the proper authorities in each state we wish to ship to, along with the proper licensing in our own state. It will take us a while to produce enough wine to make it viable to go through all the processes to ship wine. If it weren’t for all the legal requirements, we would gladly send these. We will make Nebraska one of the first states we seek approval for when we begin the process of obtaining the licenses for shipping. Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas!

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