Pictorial Hodgepodge and Circumlocution 

Being the cold of winter here at Dale Hollow (and probably wherever you find yourself today), we get a nice break from the vineyard. This can lead to extra time for all sorts of activities we enjoy but don’t have the time for during the growing season; like reading a good book, sorting through old pictures, ice skating, ice fishing, and ice sculpting. 

I happened upon a good book recently and discovered a fun word: circumlocution. Isn’t that a fun word? I’ve looked up the definition and every time I read it I surely pronounce it differently upon every occasion. This word loosely means “using too many words to explain something where far fewer words would have sufficed”. The great irony of this fun word is that this blog is built on a firm foundation of circumlocution, at least we know how to describe it properly now. 

Aside from reading a good book and discovering delightful new words, wintertime affords the opportunity to de-clutter a bit. Here are a few pictures that at one point or another were supposed to be a blog post with superfluous information overflowing with circumlocution, but when wine was thrown into the mix, never made it to mental execution: 

This was the last photo we took whilst working at Grey Bear Winery. We loaded up all of our equipment, headed north, and closed the door and chapter of our wine making beginnings.

This is the very first bottle of wine ever opened at our new winery building. Nary a corkscrew was to be found but fortunately, necessity breeds ingenuity. 

This was the night before our first ever grape harvest from our own vineyard. It wasn’t much, but what it lacked in quantity it made up with in pomp. 

This was our first harvest of ragweed. What it lacked in usefulness it made up with in quantity. Trailer load after trailer load of this wretched stuff pulled and plucked by hand, row after row. There’s a smile in this picture because why not choose joy? After all, weed eating every row was to follow shortly thereafter. 

This is a tractor.

This is the vineyard in autumn, just after harvest. 

This is active fermentation. Ah, the beauty and natural mystery of fermentation.. “there are more things in Heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”. 

This is a picture of buds removed that must have been growing in the wrong spot. Look closely and you can see a little green cluster that would eventually be a much bigger cluster of grapes.

This picture gives an insight into our usual punctual pruning practices- “dormant pruning” with cuttings covered in not-so-dormant buds. 

This is a statue of Willie Nelson (left) and a random stranger (right). 

There you have it. So many stories previously left untold that have now been jotted down into the pages of internet history.

Now onto ice skating, ice fishing, and ice sculpting.



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