No Wine Before Its Time

A famous ad featuring a Orson Welles in the 1970s declared that a certain company “would sell no wine before its time”. Regrettably, we don’t have a famous person to make the same declaration here at Dale Hollow, but the message of the ad rings true.

Our wines are coming along and soon we will able to open back up with more varietals than ever before. But, in the spirit of the late Mr. Welles, we must declare “no wine before its time.” However, based on our own tedious tasting “labor” we have deduced that most of our wines will be ready by late April

The whites, red blend, and fruit wines are always ready first, followed by the dry reds later on. The reds simply need more time to develop while the tannins, alcohol, and acid embark on the celestial dance that is wine ageing. We will make a valiant attempt to put a brief description out here in the coming weeks of all our new wines that will be available, so you can know what to expect when we open. Here’s what some of them look like in a tower of tiny Tupperware: 

There will also be a more definitive date for our opening that we will announce soon, but again, it’s all dependent on the wine. In the mean time, we have lots of pruning to do, so if you come by the winery and see us in the vineyard…. there’s always a spare set of pruning shears! 


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