Blackberry Patch


This blackberry wine is on the sweeter side of the scale and includes just enough concord grape to add some “jamminess” without overpowering it. The label is inspired by Stover legend of yesteryear: the original settlers of the area were a few miles southwest of modern day Stover. That famed location is south of the Rock Island Railroad that came through in the early 1900’s, around the same time a tornado tore through Old Stover.

Stover history has sometimes mistakenly attributed the tornado as the sole reason for the relocation. While it may have made the decision easier, and as the “Stover Centennial (1903-2003) correctly outlines, a few of these early visionaries realized the town needed to be situated directly on the railroad. The rest is history.

Blackberry Patch Road, which runs south out of town and out towards the western countryside parallel to the Rock Island Line, is the closest “link” to Old and New Stover. This label pays tribute to Old Stover, the early settlers, and those trailblazing Stoverites who decided to embrace change as the train came through town. Just don’t go asking around about the other thing this road is famous for, especially amongst the crowd of people that graduated Stover High between the 60’s and 80’s!

Profile: Sweet Fruit Wine

Tasting Notes: Blackberry with hints of sweet jam from Concord


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