Labels and Series’

As it’s a balmy 5 degrees outside, we decided this would be a perfect opportunity to provide some reading material to help you dream of warm spring days sipping wine. Grab a cup of hot cocoa (or hot wine for that matter) and read through some of the new content we have added: the labels that we have for our wine and the stories that inspired them. The “Series” pages are up and a few labels are included already. We will make an effort to get as many of these origin stories out to the interwebs for the familiar wines and… introduce a few NEW labels as we get ready to open back up in the spring!

As many of you who have visited the winery or read through the pages on this site know, our labels are all hand-drawn by our favorite local artist: mom. From her sketches, Katy is able to transfer to a digital form via gizmos and magic and the next stop is on a bottle of wine ready for your cellar. Legend has it, if you look closely on each label you can find “BD” hidden somewhere in the picture…Like everything else related to the winery, it is all done by hand and very much all in the family!

Go to the Dale Hollow Wine page  to start browsing or simply follow the links below!

  1. Varietal Labels
  2. Stover Lore
  3. Lake of the Ozarks



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