Rock Island CABoose

All aboard the Rock Island rail! This label is drawn from the famed Rock Island Railroad line that cuts across Missouri, straight through Stover and many of the other small communities sprinkled across our great state. Many of these towns developed thanks to the train. At the dawn of the 20th century, this line spurred the move from Old Stover to New Stover.  (See the Blackberry Patch Label story for full details).

For decades the line was the lifeblood of our little slice of paradise, and many members of the community can distinctly recall the sound of a train whistle roaring through town. Below is the original sketch by Beth Dale that captures a bit of the romance of the rail with a touch of the agrarian element, a little countryside mixed in, and topped off with small town commerce. The building in the lower right hand corner was inspired by the Stover Milling Co., a business that has been in Stover (and mom’s family) for over 100 years, and the railroad was vital to it in the early to middle 1900s.

Rock Island CABoose Scan

Legend has it, Kansas City and St Louis each started building a line for a path to Stover, and by happy accident both cities were connected once they met downtown, just south of Second Street. We celebrate the history of the railroad in our little town and in this great nation with this label. Grab a bottle of Caboose, have a few sips, and imagine rolling through little towns of yesteryear. All aboard the Rock Island!

Profile: Dry red wine- 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes: Dark fruit, vanilla, caramel, medium bodied

Inspiration: Rock Island Railroad and the history of the train through Stover. Pic below is from the Stover Centennial (1903-2003) and shows the train next to the old depot, between 1st and 2nd streets:

Old Train


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