Lakehouse Suite White Label

The “developed” side of the lake, from the Dam to mile marker 45 or so, has everything a vacationer, tourist, or even us “local-yokels” could want: restaurants, entertainment, box stores, and an outlet mall. Just across the Dam you can find a “strip” where many a hot summer night has been spent with cool drinks and fast cars. Numerous boats on this end are better suited for the ocean in many cases (but we will keep our local bias out of this!).  If the less developed side of the lake is Merle Haggard, this end is Jimmy Buffett (which is really appropriate these days). The beaches of Osage and Sunrise are filled with tourists covered in oil.

Beautiful lake houses abound throughout the meandering coves in this area. Our “LakeHouse” label depicts this and is represented by a lake house that is dear to our hearts. Our maternal grandparents have a cabin on this end in the Gravois Arm and they loved being at the lake; whether it be on the boat or dockside with a fishing pole, and with a cool beverage. Grandpa’s favorite saying, no matter what the circumstances, was “making memories”. We hope this wine will help you make a few of your own.

Profile: Dry white wine blend

Tasting Notes: Crisp, acidic, refreshing

Inspiration: Family cabin that was built in the Gravois Arm in the 1970s




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