Blossom Label

In Missouri, where we have “lovely” winters filled with deep cold, ice, snow, and lack of sunshine, spring arrives like a long lost friend and the Dogwood blossom is the smile on its face. It warms you up a bit and reminds you that glorious above-freezing times in the sunshine are on the horizon. We were inspired by this feeling and wanted to pull from all the rich mid-Missouriness around us when that season arrives. The Dogwood is the State Tree and anyone who has driven along country roads or on the lake when it’s in bloom can attest to its beauty. A brilliant white dogwood Blossom is the quintessential metaphor for life from the midst of the void of winter.


Could there be a better inspiration for such a label? A sip of Blossom, no matter what time of year, can remind you of the joy and majesty of those first spring blooms. As the original shows above, we depict a brilliant dogwood in bloom next to a few rows of vine just budding out and sending forth the first spring shoots. Like the rest of us, sending our arms up toward the sunshine thanking the Heavens that we made it through winter!

Naturally, Asher was all for the label given his affinity for a special puppy dog of his that shared the name of Blossom, a loyal companion that went there and back again with him. She will always hold a special place in his heart!

Profile: Sweet white wine blend from three of our favorite white grapes from the region- Vignoles/Cayuga/Traminette.

Taste: Medium bodied, best served slightly chilled. Vignoles lends the signature fruit flavor to the wine, Cayuga gives it a shot of incredible acidity for a lasting mouth feel, and Traminette graces the wine with a touch of floral nose- a subtle start and fulfilling finish. Pairs well with spicy foods, white fish, or chilled as a dessert drink.

Inspiration: The fabled Missouri Dogwood, our state tree.


Side note: when you see these start blooming, the crappie are biting! Naturally, all of our white wines pair well with crappie! 😉



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