Hollow Happenings from First Half of 2018 Season. Top 10!

If you have been visiting the winery or following the Facebook page, you know 2018 has been a busy season for us so far! This got us thinking that it is high time to take a moment, pour a glass of wine, and reflect before looking ahead to the rest of the year.

So what have we been up to?

1. Pruned the vineyards.

This spring was really (really) cold right up until it was really (really) hot. This afforded us the joyous opportunity to prune in the blistering cold. Everyone’s favorite! Our local chapter of the Master Gardeners showed up for a day of pruning fun in the elements!

2. Planted our 3rd Vineyard.

“The North Farthing, Blueberry Addition”. Yes it’s a bit of a mouthful of a name, but it will probably catch on. 500 fresh St Vincent went into the ground, destined to one day find homes in bottles of Storybook Red, Knockout Red, and the stand-alone St Vincent. Wonderful grape with a remarkable origin story.

3. Landscaping 101.

We drew upon all of Katy’s creativity and Dad’s actual hands on abilities to DIY ourselves a little landscaping. We won’t be building Stonehenge anytime soon but it’s a good start! We also had a little help from a professional who extended the patio and added a delightful fall-friendly fire pit.

4. Expanded our production capacity.

Goodbye smaller and less efficient near-fancy blue barrels.. Hello stainless steel beauties! Our entire production/ageing area is now full of shiny stainless, with more capacity than ever before. We can’t wait to fill them up!

5. Soirées

Fancy word for parties and everyone loves a good French label when it comes to wine. We had a party when we opened, a party to celebrate American independence, and an impromptu party when we installed the glorious fountain. What can we say? We love a good party- and we like to invite all of our friends to enjoy Dale Hollow Wine when we do it!

6. Fountain.

Yes this gets its own bullet point. You better believe it. Cue Sinatra and grab your coins because Dale Hollow is helping Stover become little Italy, one fountain at a time! Indeed, we celebrated with cheerful wine and boisterous cheers. Did I mention we like to celebrate? Don’t mind the green foliage lurking on the surface, that’s another enemy of whose defeat continues to elude us. Our white whale is a green goo.

7. Grapes are growing very, very well!

The terrible heat and constant sunshine has made this summer a little unbearable at times, but the grapes have absolutely loved it!

9. Our First Bridal Shower.

This July, we had the privilege of hosting a beautiful bride-to-be and her friends and family for a bridal shower. Picture perfect!

10. Aerial drone tour.

Online visitors can now stroll the vineyards via drone tour without the hassle of swatting away beetles and battling against the uncanny urge to tie up vines. Ah, thank you technology!

There you have it! 2018 thus far in the most succinct summary I could muster. Stay tuned on the Facebook page and here at the website for news, events, and happenings. You can also do the good old fashioned approach of physically dropping by and drinking some wine! We do so love visitors.

Until next time, get excited as we approach yet another wonderful season.. late summer and into fall.. WINE SEASON!


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