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Our official website is now This wordpress site will stay active for you to read about the first five years or so of our venture, but all future news, updates, and blog posts will be made at Cheers!


A Tribute to Our Friend, Shelley Gabert

Shelley Gabert (1961-2017) was a lifelong friend of our mom and later in life, thankfully, developed a friendship with us boys and our wives. She was one of the biggest cheerleaders of what we were working on in the vineyard and winery. As an author, she was a fan of anything created out of the …

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Chapter 2

It's possible that attentive readers have taken note that these whimsical narratives are strung along in a bit of a storybook manner, with no shortage of cheer, excitement, angst (all me), ups and downs: Chapter 1- Crazy Idea Emerges, Site is Selected, Grapes are Planted, Wine is Made, Wine is Sold There have been many …

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