Lake of the Ozarks

The Lake of the Ozarks is a unique place. Fun is the word generally used to describe it. Another could be eclectic. The sprawling and winding coastline, if stretched out, would be as long as the coast of California. The difference in the 10mm and 60mm is stark: developments, entertainment, restaurants and boats.. enormous boats on one end (closer to the Dam). And on the other side- small cabins sparsely dotting the landscape, jon boats, timber blanketed bluffs and steep cliffs. In fact, as a child, we would spend the majority of our lake time on the more developed side. I remember one trip fishing with my dad on “the other side” and asking him, “What’s the name of this lake?”.

In Stover we are in the perfect location to quickly access whichever area we would like; 20 to thirty minutes can get us to either end, so fishing, swimming, and boating are integrated into the culture of our fair town. It only made sense to have a label series all about it. The phrase “All roads lead to…” was unfortunately taken already, so we simply say that our little piece of paradise here in Stover is the center of the universe. Because let’s be honest, technological progress marches on and some day there may not be any more roads!

To celebrate the magnificent lake, we have two wines as different as the topography and people who inhabit the areas around it: Hiawatha Peach and Lake House.

  1. Hiawatha Peach
  2. Lake House

lake aerial