Varietal Labels

NORTON label

Varietal Labels are as straightforward as it comes: we simply name the wine the name of the kind of grape (varietal) that was used to produce it. Easy as that! The picture that we use for all of the varietal wines is inspired by the setting of the winery itself. We have a small (some might say quaint) winery built into a hill, both for function and form. We enjoy being built into the earth, almost part-in-parcel with the landscape, and it helps create a cellar effect for the wine that we are aging, whether bulk or in bottle. We want our winery to be a warm and inviting experience, enjoyed by anyone who walks in the door, and want that message conveyed on our basic label.

The sketched version on the left is one of the earliest known pieces from the Dale Hollow gallery of Beth Dale. Our varietal wines are nearly 100% from the name of the grape displayed on them, and we wanted this label to capture 100% of the Dale Hollow story and imagination!

Of course, some might say it takes some imagination to pronounce some of these grapes that are not as well known as their European counterparts. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the trickier ones that we sell in the winery or grow in the vineyards:

  1. Vignoles (Veen-yole)
  2. Catawba (Ka-ta-ba)
  3. Chambourcin (Sham-bur-sin)
  4. Cayuga White (Kye-you-ga)

There are a plethora of additional grapes grown in the Midwest with tricky names, but these are some of the ones you will find at Dale Hollow! Remember, according to “the rules”, if any label used in the United States uses a grape name, it essentially has to be at least 85% from that specific grape, from a specific place (if one is listed), and from a specific year (if vintage year is displayed). So, if you check out the Norton shown above or the Catawba shown below, you can tell right away what grape was used, the year it came from, and where the grape was grown. Fascinating! But as fun as that is, it’s always the most enjoyable to come hear all of this firsthand at the winery while tasting it!

CATAWBA label 150res