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Welcome to the virtual winery! This is the one-stop shop to learn about our story, wander through the process through pictures and words, and be directed to the various resources we hope you find helpful, whether it be education, products, or a little dose of humor as you see firsthand how haphazard it can really be doing the whole “vineyard and winery thing”.

Feel free to meander through the posts, organized on the right side of the website (or bottom if phone or tablet) by category and by month/year, you can pretty easily catch up with the entire story. By “pretty easily”, I should add that it could require a pot of coffee and a few hours of free time. We have a few traits and brevity isn’t one of them. However, this particular page was designed to give you a quick tour of the virtual vineyard, with 10 or so posts that will take you from idea stage to vineyard to winery. You can also follow this link to an aerial tour of the vineyard via drone!

1.  “Bud Break”: Origin Story- First post (Fall 2012) when the idea was dreamed up

2. “Grafting Ideas”: Origin Story Part 2 (hint: brewing this idea up included just as much Natty Light as it did wine

3.  “What’s in a Name?”: Origin of Dale Hollow Name

4. “Planting Rain or Shine” and “1000 Planted”: Spring 2013 – Planting of our inaugural vineyard, the East Vineyard

5. “Vineyards are Better in Twos”: Spring 2016 – Planting of our second vineyard, the West Vineyard (please note the originality in the naming of the vineyards)

6. “Small Plants, Big Decisions”: Brief explanation of popular Missouri/Midwest vines and why we chose our particular grape varietals

7. “State of the Hollow 2014”: 2013-2014 Summary

8. “State of the Hollow 2015”: 2014-2015 Summary

9. “Progress Update 2016”: 2015-2016 Summary

10. “Chapter 2”: Initial construction of the winery building

11. “Vineyard Plagues”: The woes of the vineyard that impede progress, bring about copious frustrations, and make a farmer want to say “shucks”

12. “Into the Winery”: Finally, a virtual step inside the completed winery, five years in the making, from big ideas and empty fields to a cellar style tasting room with a vineyard view from the patio

Enjoy the tour around our blog and reading our story. We hope there will be many pages left to turn and a long story that unfolds while we take in every step of the journey.

It is our sincere hope that you visit is often both here and at the (real) winery!