Pictorial Hodgepodge and Circumlocution 

Being the cold of winter here at Dale Hollow (and probably wherever you find yourself today), we get a nice break from the vineyard. This can lead to extra time for all sorts of activities we enjoy but don't have the time for during the growing season; like reading a good book, sorting through old …

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Chapter 2

It's possible that attentive readers have taken note that these whimsical narratives are strung along in a bit of a storybook manner, with no shortage of cheer, excitement, angst (all me), ups and downs: Chapter 1- Crazy Idea Emerges, Site is Selected, Grapes are Planted, Wine is Made, Wine is Sold There have been many …

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Let it Snow!!….Let it Snow!….and Snow.. and Snow..

Oh the weather outside is frightful.. Actually, no snow quite yet but the first hard frost of the fall has taken me back to memories of last winter.  That and the sweet sounds of Bing Crosby, Perry Como, and Dean Martin reverberating through my tiny laptop speakers.  I know I'm jumping the gun on the music, but …

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