Pictorial Hodgepodge and Circumlocution 

Being the cold of winter here at Dale Hollow (and probably wherever you find yourself today), we get a nice break from the vineyard. This can lead to extra time for all sorts of activities we enjoy but don't have the time for during the growing season; like reading a good book, sorting through old …

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Vineyard Plagues 

If "Wine is Personal" is the motto of our winery, then "not everything goes according to plan" is the motto of our vineyards. We have often mused how wonderful it would be if we could just put some vines in the ground and come back in a few months to find bottles of wine springing …

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It’s a Field… It’s Grass.. It’s a Vineyard!

Greetings! Happy June 23rd. We have been doing lots of work in the vineyard this year and we are proud to say that it's starting to look...like a vineyard. Grape Vines? Check. Identifiable rows? Check. Trellis? Checkish. We have some more trellis building in store for the fall, but as you can see, there are vines …

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